On OneStreet, we're focussing on living true to Sustainable Development Goals. One step at a time.
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We pledge to uphold the OneStreet principles and do our best to act on as many of the OneStreet Sustainable Development Goals as we can.

Our OneStreet Principles:
• Be kind to yourself
• Be kind to your community
• Be kind to your environment
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No Poverty

Donate what you don't use.

Zero Hunger

Avoid throwing away food - embrace leftovers.

Good Health and Well-Being

Promote well-being for all and smile at someone every day.

Quality Education

Promote a love of reading. Include books for all ages in the OneStreet street library.

Gender Equality

Don't tolerate sexist language and behaviour. Make sure our Earth Inheritors know they are capable of anything, there are no gender boundaries.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Don't waste or pollute water. Act as if water restrictions are in place all the time.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Try to use only energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs - your wallet will also thank you for it.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Buy from green companies who treat their employees well. Do your research before you buy - be a human who chooses not to buy products containing palm oil.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Think of ways you can repurpose old material instead of sending it to landfill.

Reduced Inequalities

Speak up against discriminations.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Cycle, walk or use public transport to help keep our air clean and get a bit of exercise as a bonus.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminium. Buy products that will help to create a market for recycled resources.

Climate Action

Make a difference early on by educating our Earth Inheritors about climate change and following through on what you say.

Life Below Water

Avoid plastic bags and support retailers who let you take your own containers or who no longer have single use plastic. Recycle old bread bags, take them to the supermarket to use as shipping bags.

Life on Land

Plant a tree at your home or if you live in an apartment block, talk to your council about how they can plant more trees on your behalf. Grow your own herbs.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Vote for leaders who will help to achieve the OneStreet principles.

Partnerships for the Goals

As a wider OneStreet community, work together to help promote and implement the goals.

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