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Dine & Donate

Raising funds while having fun - what could be better!

'Dine and Donate' with OneStreet and your favourite Charity.

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Catching up over a meal is a much loved pastime. Whether it’s going out for dinner, a BBQ or Sunday brunch, breaking bread together is a wonderful way to connect.

Combine with raising money for charity, and you've got a fun event that will raise some serious funds.

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Get set up

1. Choose a Date

Sunday afternoons at 3 pm, are often good to hold an event. Weekend sport should be over and people are in a good place for relaxing.

Choose what you think might work for your street or apartment block though.

2. Choose a Location

We suggest starting your first event at the street coordinator’s house or if you live in an apartment block, use a nearby park or outdoor area, as long as you have enough room.

3. Choose a Theme

You don’t necessarily have to have a theme but it’s useful to help people know what to expect.

One of our first OneStreet events was a ‘Harmony High Tea’ where everyone brought a plate of food from their cultural background – or you could do an international BBQ – anything goes!

4. Choose a Charity

This is a good thing to get your Earth Inheritors involved with!

Ask your kids what is important to them and what they would like to see supported. Add this information to your invitation. (Download our Invite Template).

5. Invite People

For your first event, putting a flyer in everyone’s mailbox is probably the best way to let people know.

Include RSVP details, what to bring and information on the cause (see our example Invite Template).

6. RSVPs

Put a list together of who has RSVP-ed so you know how many to expect (see our RSVP Template).

7. Prepare

On the day, set up a table for the food, have plenty of water and cups on hand, directions to the bathroom and bins for recycling and rubbish.

Choose re-usables or green recyclables. Make sure there are no trip hazards. Check your house insurance currency (it should have provision for public liability in it – a ‘just in case’ measure!).

8. Arrival

On arrival, welcome people and give them a sticky label to write their name on.

If people are comfortable, collect their details so you can set up a mailing list for your group.

9. Welcome

Once a good number of people have arrived, gather everyone around and give a quick chat on OneStreet and its goals (see our Welcome Speech Template).

10. Collect

You can get your kids to help with this by taking round a tin for the ‘good cause’ collection.

You can have people make a donation or set up a raffle or something else to make it fun.

11. Finish

At the end, thank everyone and let them know what will be coming next and check if anyone is willing to help or has ideas on how next to connect.

12. Next...

Total up the donations and send the proceeds to your good cause.

Send an email to everyone letting them know how much was raised and when it was sent off.

Links & Resources


OneStreet has resources available to help you set up your 'Dine and Donate' event.

Find a Charity

With so many registered charities, it can be really hard to get a handle on where you'd like to focus your efforts.

Here are a few links to websites that offer lists of charities within Australia that may help you research your decision:

Hold a Raffle

All states have different laws regarding raffle license requirements - some states don't require a license if the prize value is under a certain amount and the proceeds are supporting a charity.

This website, Justice Connect | Not-for-profit Law, has downloads by state on the requirements for holding a raffle

Or go direct to the state government source. We found the following links which may help you:

NOTE: We are not affiliated with nor do we endorse any of the above resources. We are supplying these links in good faith, but you must ensure you investigate the requirements thoroughly. If you discover any links to be sub-par, please contact us and let us know.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with nor do we endorse any of the above resources. If you discover any to be sub-par, please contact us and let us know.
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