OneStreet Acknowledgement and Code of Conduct

Meaning of terms used

In this Acknowledgement and Code of conduct:

  • OneStreet means the business unit of Risk Edge Pty Ltd known as OneStreet;
  • Pledge means the OneStreet pledge to uphold the OneStreet Principles and do our best to act on as many of the OneStreet Sustainable Development Goals as we can;
  • Principles means the OneStreet principles: 1. Be kind to yourself; 2. Be kind to your community; 3. Be kind to the environment;
  • Use in relation to intellectual property includes use, reproduce, communicate, publish and adapt;
  • We means OneStreet, and Us, Our and Ours have corresponding meanings;
  • You means you, the signatory to this acknowledgement and code of conduct, being the person who has joined OneStreet as a Champion, Supporter or Coordinator.


Relationship with OneStreet
You are not an agent, employee, contractor of or volunteer for OneStreet. Among other things, this means that OneStreet is not liable in any way for loss or damage including personal injury that might arise out of any activity or event organised by or participated in by You.

You are not entitled to incur expenses on Our behalf, nor to speak, post or otherwise communicate on Our behalf, unless specifically authorised in writing to do so.

Insurance and indemnity
You hold appropriate insurance in respect of any event or activity organised by you, and indemnify OneStreet from any loss or damage that may arise in relation to such event or activity. You will take all reasonable steps to ensure that people entering premises that you occupy are safe from harm.

You acknowledge that OneStreet is not liable in any way for any event or activity organised by or participated in by You, or in respect of any loss or damage to any person or property that may arise in relation to such event or activity.

Please notify Us if you do not wish for Us to use or publish photos provided by You. Otherwise, by accepting this acknowledgement and code of conduct You consent to Us using such photos in any materials or for any purpose relating to OneStreet.

Intellectual Property
You agree that the ownership of any intellectual property rights in any materials developed by OneStreet will not be altered, transferred or assigned.

You will not Use the OneStreet logo for any purpose or on any materials without the express written agreement of OneStreet.

You assign to OneStreet an irrevocable, royalty-free licence to Use any material that You provide Us, and agree not to bring any claim for infringement of your moral rights in respect of that Use.

Confidential Information and Privacy
In the course of coordinating any OneStreet event or group, or otherwise participating in or championing OneStreet, you may be given personal information including names and contact details of individuals. You will keep any such information confidential and only use it for the purpose for which it is given to you.

Code of Conduct – OneStreet Champion, Supporter or Coordinator or


  1. Acknowledge and agree to abide by the provisions of the Acknowledgement.
  2. Agree to:
    • Act positively and in the best interests of OneStreet and in accordance with its Principles and the Pledge. This includes demonstrating honest and decent behaviour and being respectful, welcoming and inclusive of all.
    • Promote the OneStreet Principles and Pledge whenever participating in any way in an event that references OneStreet.
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