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It's great you're interested in turning your street into OneStreet.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

OneStreet links people together at a community level, inspiring environmental and social connections.

Why make your street, a OneStreet street?

For too long now, people have been without connection in their community.

OneStreet is wanting to re-establish the morning wave, knowing your neighbour's name and collecting their mail when they're away. Let's revive a general compassion and care for our fellow humans, animals - and the earth we live in.

We're looking to recreate the sense of community. The sense that we are all part of something bigger than just our patch we call home. That feeling that someone has your back - and you have theirs.

It takes a village - and you have one at your fingertips.

Do you remember...

  • Street gatherings at Christmas
  • Get togethers at the local park
  • Dropping in to the neighbours for a cuppa
  • Birthday parties and movie nights?
  • When neighbours were friends, not faceless, nameless co-inhabitators?

Your street could become a place of community.
Your street could become a OneStreet.

How do I bring OneStreet to my street?

Your first step is to fill in the form on this page.

After you submit the form, we will send you an email with a link to your 'Welcome' kit.

Your kit contains:

  • A welcome letter to you, outlining the ethos of OneStreet, our principles and pledge.
  • A 'Street Intro' template for your street's flyer. This flyer introduces you and the OneStreet concept, and asks people to consider becoming part of their OneStreet. It then asks if they could provide their details to the Street Coordinator (at this stage - you 🙂 ) so your group can be created.
  • A template to create your own 'Dine and Donate' event (click here to see details of a 'Dine and Donate' event). This is a great event to start your OneStreet journey. It combines community connection with the support of a common cause. An excellent ice-breaker and fun event.

Now you have the tools, the next step is to engage the members of your street - so you can make your street, OneStreet.

Engaging the members of your street to OneStreet

Getting the residents of you street on board OneStreet is your first priority. Meeting your neighbours and breaking the ice with a conversation is one of the most rewarding interactions you will have. You are creating community - and that is a wonderful thing.

Using the 'Street Intro' template, create your flyer and take it with you when you do your door-knock-day. You'll be introducing yourself, the OneStreet vision and collecting contact details so you can create your WhatsApp group to communicate easily with your neighbours.

Your first event

Once you have the contact details, you can organise your first event. Either use your 'Dine and Donate' event guidelines (click here to see details of a 'Dine and Donate' event), or create an event of your own!

Don't forget you can share the details of your event with us, and we'll post them in our 'Community News'.

Do you need a hand?

We are here to help you with the creation of your OneStreet. If you need any advice at all, please contact us and we'll be in touch.

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After you submit your form, we'll send you an email with a link to download your 'Welcome' kit.

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